We are a community of investors backing industry-defining brands with cult-like communities. Focused on consumer packaged goods,
fintech, community 
& future of work startups⚡️

About Us

Alongside our investments, we're changing who is considered an investor. Gone are the days when you needed to have over $1M in assets or make over $250k for two consecutive years.

Here at The CURBD Collective, we utilize the Regulation CF laws passed by the Jobs Act 2012 which allows any citizen to invest a yearly minimum of $2k to 10% of their yearly salary or net worth whichever is greater into private security companies prior to them going public.

Alongside our investments, we're changing the way traditional cap tables look by bringing a diverse group of investors into the conversation.

Investment Focus


Rounds: Pre-seed to Series A


Stage: Pre-launch+


Geography: US registered


Check Sizes: $5k-$50K


Interests: Community 

Our Investments

ArbolReducing the financial burden for college students

BabyVendVending machines helping families with children when they are on the go



BraidBabes: A direct to consumer braiding company


If you're working on something cool, don't be a stranger,  reach out here!