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We focus on
Consumer packaged goods &
Consumer adjacent technology

CURBD COLLECTIVE is built around a community of investors who look to back industry-defining brands with cult-like communities. You might be thinking to yourself what does a cult-like startup look like?

Cult-like: A great devotion to an idea or object, that borders on the line of obsessive...we don't judge.

Well here are two examples:


472k Fans


515k fans

Alongside our investments thesis, we're changing who is considered an investor. Gone are the days when only the accredited few were able to invest and have a say in the products that have impacted our lives. Social responsibility that imbues diversity, equity, transparency,  and inclusion is at the forefront for so many brands and the underline solution is community ownership.

At the CURBD COLLECTIVE, we utilize two investment regulations that allow our members to invest in those brands.

The first 506B Reg D and the second Regulation CF.

Learn more here: Jobs Act 2012 which allows any citizen to invest a yearly minimum of $2k to 10% of their yearly salary or net worth whichever is greater into private companies prior to them going public.


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